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Charities, Donations and Fundraisers

Are you looking for a way to help someone or further a cause? Do you want a way to raise funds without having to buy inventory to sell?

Most likely we can help.

Our options for you fall into three categories.

Charity: Raising funds for the sick or poor. Sometimes folks are just to sick to work and they need help with everyday necessities or even medical bills and prescriptions.

Some are poor and lack the money for transportation which keeps them from being able to get out and seek employment. If they are on a bus line, we suggest trying to provide them with a bus pass and clothing so they are able to seek employment. If they are outside the bus line sometimes purchasing a inexpensive car and insurance will help them tremendously. Most of these folks want to be productive and contribute to society, they just need a little help.

Donation: Raising funds to help a person or family. These are folks that may otherwise have the ability to provide for themselves but are down on their luck or had a circumstance that changed their current situation. We see this as a helping hand picking you up off the ground and dusting you off.

Fundraiser: Raising funds for a political party, organization or to further a cause. This option is the most difficult for us to decide on whether or not to help. We have to offer everyone the same opportunity which forces us to look really hard at your idea for raising funds. If we allow someone to raise funds for a cause, we have to make sure we are okay with helping someone raise funds for the opposite of that cause and for that reason we have to be careful what we agree to do.

How our program works: Submit to us in writing the reason you would like to raise funds. Use the descriptions above to help you.

Mail it to:

Shop 3 and 1 - 3 and 1 Marketing, Inc.
Office Manager
Post Office Box 30066
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Reviewing and verification: We will take a look at your proposal and within a couple weeks reach out to you if we have any questions. Once we get all the questions answered, we will verify 100% of the information to make sure your reason is legit. We take this very serious and do an extensive check to verify everything makes sense, in other words I's are dotted and T's are crossed.

Once we provide you with 100% verification, you will be approved and provided with options to raise funds through a time limited campaign.

After approval: When we set up your campaign to run, a copy of your letter will be posted on the page where the fund raising is advertised. Your name will be redacted for privacy purposes but the rest of the letter will be shown. We do this to help you and let the folks know exactly where the funds are going.

Options for donating: We try to make it easy to for donors by providing a few options. We set up an email on our PayPal account which allows all the funds to go into a special account. There will also be several items which can be purchased or even they too can be donated, you will be able to see more about that on the actual campaign pages since each campaign is a little different.  

Very important: Protecting the privacy of those making the donations is just as important to us as protecting the privacy of those the donations are collected for. Most of the folks that help you or your cause don't do it for recognition, they do it because they care. So please don't ask us, we will not disclose any details.  

Where does the money go: After the allotted time for the campaign has expired we will make the funds available to you. We do not just hand over funds to anyone, the funds will only go to the person, group or cause that was 100% verified during the verification process. We have allowed a designated trustee or administrator in some cases to distribute the funds.


Please DO NOT send any emails asking about what we have to offer, they will all be deleted.
If you are serious about helping a person, group or cause put it in writing.



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